» Carl Blackburn 10th Anniversary in Japan

Carl Blackburn 10th Anniversary in Japan

Carl Blackburn 10th Anniversary in Japan

From Watch & Jewelry Today Magazine (Japan)

American jewelry designer Carl Blackburn celebrated his tenth anniversary in Japan with a new jewelry collection that is earning him rave reviews from the Japanese public and the country’s fine jewelry retailers.

Blackburn’s new jewelry was unveiled by Yoshidia’s president Tamura Munehito at their annual “D&D Collection” event, which was held on August 19th and 20th (2015) in Tokyo’s Ebisu ward at the Western Hotel Tokyo.

The event, like past years, was enthusiastically embraced by attendees, which included prominent clients from leading department stores near the capital, as well as high-end retail jewelers.

This year’s tenth anniversary event featured classic designs from the past, as well as new introductions. A number of brand new designs by California jewelry designer Carl Blackburn were warmly welcomed for their graceful craftsmanship.

Carl Blackburn Jewelry in Japan

Blackburn said, “I am very thankful for the Japanese customers who love our designs and continue to buy our fine jewelry. This year we have brought some vintage styles, as well as some bespoke designs and a delicate antique line.”

In front of the Carl Blackburn booth, many attendees expressed their enthusiasm for the designer’s fine jewelry, with one buyer happily asking for a commemorative picture.

Acclaimed Italian jeweler Giovanni Ferraris was also featured in the show. Fusing modern taste with the best trends of the season, the brand is a favorite among fashion-conscious women who embrace Italy’s “neo-tradition” designers.

Celebrities from the city of Monaco were also heard praising the high-end jeweler “Scintilla Monaco” whose original creations and high level of craftsmanship rivals great jewelry collections like the “D&D Collection”.