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The Oak Tree in Mythology – Symbolic Meaning

Of all the trees in the forest, none occupies quite the space in our collective consciousness as the oak. At once both mighty and ancient, the oak is indeed massive in stature, both physically and spiritually. Associated with gods and kings from the earliest tribes of Europe to the Greeks and Romans, right down to
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The Gothic Revival Period

Though mainly associated with architecture, the Gothic Revival Period was a cultural and aesthetic movement that influenced all of the decorative arts, and eventually the entire moral fabric of Europe and the United States. Spanning loosely from the late 18th century through the greater part of the 19th century, the Gothic Revival grew in part
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Arts & Crafts Movement Fine Jewelry

Carl Blackburn is inspired by many historical periods of fine jewelry making, including the Arts and Crafts Movement, an international phenomenon in the decorative and fine arts that arose in the latter part of the 19th century. Its adherents included artist, architects, designers, writers, craftsmen, and philanthropists who were united by the aim of breaking
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History of Goldsmiths & Goldsmithing

Goldsmiths have existed ever since gold was found to be a coveted metal. Their craft, known as goldsmithing, is the practice of working gold and other precious metals into a wide range of objects, from goblets and other useful utensils to ceremonial and religious items, and of course, jewelry. A master goldsmith’s skill set spans
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Identifying Fake Carl Blackburn Jewelry

As an internationally recognized fine jewelry designer, whose designs have appeared in industry magazines around the world, Carl Blackburn occasionally must deal with foreign manufacturers who produce fake “Carl Blackburn” jewelry to sell on the global jewelry market through wholesalers and directly online to the public. It’s important that retailers and consumers are aware of
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Collectible Carl Blackburn Jewelry

In recent years, the fine jewelry that Carl Blackburn created during the early 2000s has become increasingly collectible. This is the period when Blackburn began producing a wide range of platinum & 18K gold diamond rings, pendants, and earrings that were featured in industry magazines around the world, including North America’s Modern Jeweler and Canadian
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Learn About Wedding Jewelry Trends

Mary of Burgundy famously wore the world’s first known diamond engagement ring in 1477, and it’s been treasured bridal jewelry ever since. But what about the rest of the wedding jewelry, such as the rings exchanged at the altar and the gems worn with the dress? Wedding bands, bridal jewelry and wedding party gifts also have a storied
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