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Collectible Carl Blackburn Jewelry

Collectible Carl Blackburn Jewelry

In recent years, the fine jewelry that Carl Blackburn created during the early 2000s has become increasingly collectible. This is the period when Blackburn began producing a wide range of platinum & 18K gold diamond rings, pendants, and earrings that were featured in industry magazines around the world, including North America’s Modern Jeweler and Canadian Jeweller, Europe’s Le Bijoutier and Basel Magazine, and Asia’s Tokyo Jewelers and Story.

Fashion trend magazines also took notice, with Blackburn’s jewelry appearing in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar (Asia) and Better Homes & Gardens (USA) Weddings Issue. While Blackburn’s 18k two-tone gold jewelry was celebrated for its fashionable vintage styling, the most prominent bridal collection from this period was Carl Blackburn Platinum Originals™. Blackburn also produced his first set of “Neo-Renaissance” diamond cufflinks for men during this time, which heralded his eventual turn to the Renaissance era as the historical period from which he draws the majority of his design inspiration.

Carl Blackburn’s fine jewelry from this period has become especially collectible because the designer no longer makes these pieces, except for exclusive distribution to several luxury retailers in Japan. In 2005, he sold his entire catalogue of rings, pendants, and earrings to another manufacturer who rebranded the collection as Beverley K, one of the best-selling lines of fine jewelry in the United States.

The sale to Beverley K included all worldwide markets except for Japan, where Blackburn continues to sell his classic designs under his name and logo. These are the only pieces that are still handcrafted to same level of intricate detail and excellence that inspired comparisons to Buccellati and other legendary jewelry makers.

To identify whether you have an authentic piece of Carl Blackburn fine jewelry from this era, look for the CB logo which is stamped on every piece and is internationally trademarked. To view the CB logo, please see the image below. Be aware that there are Carl Blackburn fakes on the jewelry market which just show a simple “CB” letter logo. Genuine Carl Blackburn pieces will always show the crown on the logo with the letters positioned exactly as seen below.

CB Logo Trademark

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