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About Carl Blackburn

Carl BlackburnCarl Blackburn has earned a long-standing reputation for creating some of the most finely crafted jewelry pieces of his time. In addition to producing a number of fine jewelry masterpieces over his career as a jewelry artist, he is also known for his role as a dealer of important and magnificent jewels, which can be found in the finest antique and estate jewelry stores in the country.

Born into a family of jewelers, Blackburn began his career in the late 1980’s and gradually built a devoted clientele. His iconic jewelry forged by a passion for nature, history, architecture, and fashion has been featured in dozens of fine jewelry magazines in the United States and around the world.

During the early part of this century, Blackburn developed a wide ranging collection of platinum and 18k fine jewelry that became what is currently known as the Beverley K Collection, one of the United States’ best selling fine jewelry collections.

Today, Carl Blackburn’s vintage-inspired couture jewelry ranges from garden motif eternity bands to micro-set engagement rings, and from Edwardian style earrings and pendants to pavé diamond bracelets. Each piece reflects the Old World craftsmanship that elevated fine jewelry from the province of simple ornamentation to the realm of wearable Art. Blackburn’s skilled artisans work in both platinum and 18k gold, excelling in the time-honored traditions of hand-engraving, delicate wire filigree, and hand-milgraining.

In addition to his work as a sought-after jewelry designer, Blackburn is one of the most recognized luxury estate buyers in the United States. He uses his deep experience in dealing with the world’s most treasured estate and antique jewelry to create extraordinary custom engagement rings for his clients throughout San Diego County and worldwide.

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