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Carl Blackburn: FAQS

Carl Blackburn EarringsWhat makes Carl Blackburn’s fine jewelry original?

Being a vintage-inspired collection, similarities between Carl Blackburn’s fine jewelry designs and other enduring jewelry classics from days-gone-by can often be found. We pride ourselves in recognizing just what makes a particular jewelry design a classic, yet we also understand the passionate desire of our clients to own and give a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

All of the engraving, milgraining, gem-setting, filigree, and finishing work at Carl Blackburn is done entirely by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are alike—each owing its existence to that special moment in time when it was crafted by our master artisans. That is what makes each and every piece of Carl Blackburn jewelry so special.

Will a Carl Blackburn ring last forever?

Rings and eternity bands from Carl Blackburn’s signature collection are fashioned to last not only one lifetime but are expected to be passed down from generation to generation as precious family heirlooms. Because of platinum’s incredible density, it lends weight and strength to even the most delicate of rings, which can be worn daily without worry.

Are the Carl Blackburn pieces that I see on the website the only ones I can choose from?

The Carl Blackburn fine jewelry seen on our website represents only a small portion of our collection of vintage-inspired designs.

Can I order Carl Blackburn jewelry online?

Carl Blackburn’s fine jewelry can be purchased online. We serve clients throughout the United States and internationally. Contact us today to begin the process.

How do I know that the Carl Blackburn jewelry I receive is authentic?

Every piece of Carl Blackburn fine jewelry is marked with the company logo. If your jewelry does not have this hallmark stamp, it was not made by our artisans.

Can Carl Blackburn’s platinum jewelry be fashioned in 18k white gold?

Although any piece from Carl Blackburn’s platinum collections can be set in 18k white gold, Mr. Blackburn personally recommends that pieces from his vintage-inspired signature collection be set in platinum, the most enduring of all precious metals.

Can a two-tone Carl Blackburn ring or eternity band be made in all platinum?

Every two-tone Carl Blackburn ring and eternity band can be fashioned entirely in platinum. In the United States, please contact Pearlman’s Jewelers for pricing.

Is Carl Blackburn’s jewelry 100% pure platinum?

Platinum used in jewelry is always alloyed with a small amount of other metals. Most pieces of Carl Blackburn’s platinum jewelry are cast in 90% platinum, 10% palladium. Special custom pieces are also cast in 95% platinum and 5% Iridium.

What diamond quality does Carl Blackburn use in his fine jewelry?

All Carl Blackburn fine jewelry that’s fashioned in 18K white gold is hand set with diamonds that are H-I in color and SI clarity. 900 fine platinum jewelry is set with diamonds that are G in color and VS clarity.

Can I buy just the mounting for an engagement ring, without the center stone, if I already have a diamond?

Absolutely. In fact, the majority of all Carl Blackburn’s engagement rings are sold as mountings, as we realize that most buyers like to have a special hand in personally selecting the center stone for that all important ring.

Can I replace the diamonds I see in Carl Blackburn’s jewelry with other gemstones?

Most times the diamonds that you see in a Carl Blackburn ring, band, earring, or pendant can be replaced by other precious gemstones such as rubies or sapphires. Please consult with your authorized dealer for details regarding availability and price.

Can I custom-choose the engraving on my Carl Blackburn ring?

Each ring by Carl Blackburn is 100% hand-engraved from start to finish, ensuring a truly one-of-a kind piece. Custom ordering can always be done and clients are welcome to select an engraving style that is most attractive to them.

Does Carl Blackburn make Men’s rings?

At this time Carl Blackburn does not offer men’s rings as part of our collection. But you are welcome to order any one of our ladies’ rings in a man’s size, as some of our eternity bands can be adapted to both sexes. Keep checking back with us, as we do have plans to introduce a men’s ring collection in the future.

How do I figure out the finger size of my girlfriend/fiancée?

Your local fine jeweler can measure the ring size of your girlfriend from any ring she already owns. Alternatively, the average ring size of a woman is 6 and, in most cases, a man need not worry if the ring he purchases does not exactly match the finger of his loved one. Many rings can be sized to perfection later by a professional jeweler. Prior to ordering, consult with your Carl Blackburn retailer about post-purchase resizing.

After ordering, how long does it take to receive my Carl Blackburn fine jewelry?

After ordering your jewelry from an authorized Carl Blackburn dealer, the standard delivery time is 6 weeks. The length of wait is due to the time-consuming workmanship and handcrafting that goes into each and every piece of Carl Blackburn fine jewelry.