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How to Choose an Anniversary Ring

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring

The above photo showcases diamond rings from Cal Balckburn’s past collections of diamond anniversary rings and wedding rings.

Your wedding day is already years behind you, and you want to commemorate your anniversary with something special. Since almost all marriages start with an engagement ring and a wedding ring, it’s natural that many couples choose to celebrate their wedding anniversaries with special anniversary rings.

Anniversary rings come in a wide range of styles, and are a great symbol of your continued commitment to each other. These bands show both your spouse and the world that after years together, the two of you would still want to get married all over again.

When to Give an Anniversary Ring

The traditional list of anniversary gifts would have you wait until your 50th anniversary before celebrating with gold jewelry, and the ‘modern’ list says that diamonds should be the choice for your tenth.

Most couples today throw out those rules, believing that you should give an anniversary ring when it feels right, even on the first anniversary. While some men give anniversary rings on the 5th, 10th, or 15th anniversary (or to commemorate the year a child enters the family), you might consider giving an anniversary ring in an ‘off’ year. It will certainly come as a welcome surprise.

Where to Wear an Anniversary Ring

While there’s no hard and fast rule about where to wear an anniversary ring, many women choose to wear them alongside their wedding and engagement rings. As a result, you should think about choosing an anniversary ring that will complement the other ring’s style.

If your wife has a simple wedding band, you might want to choose an anniversary ring with more embellishment, like a woven or braided band. If her wedding ring is a white gold band, you should probably opt for matching the metal.

Anniversary rings can also be worn on the right hand, eliminating the need to complement the wedding and engagement rings. If you have found the perfect platinum anniversary ring with three matched diamonds but her wedding band is yellow gold, she can always wear it on her right hand and avoid any conflict in style.

Anniversary Ring Styles

Anniversary rings generally feature at least three stones of similar size, often diamonds. Simple three diamond anniversary rings are always a popular choice, and symbolize the past, present and future of your ongoing union.

Some anniversary rings feature colored gemstones mixed with diamonds. To give your anniversary ring even deeper meaning, consider choosing the birthstones of your children. Another option is to choose a ring that features the same number of diamond accents as years you have been married, like five diamond accents for your fifth anniversary.

Finally, you should also consider your spouse’s current taste and style—it may have changed since you chose the wedding ring. An anniversary ring that reflects her contemporary style might be just what she would love for an updated look.

Maybe you are now financially in a better position than when you were first married and can celebrate your anniversary with a more substantial diamond band.

Some women will choose to wear an anniversary ring as a wedding band, while others wouldn’t even dream of removing their original wedding ring. By this point in your marriage, you should probably have a good idea of what your wife would love. Think about her personal style, and choose an anniversary ring accordingly.

Eternity Anniversary Rings

Eternity rings are another popular choice for anniversary rings. Full eternity rings feature diamonds or other precious stones that are set into the band all the way around the ring, symbolizing the everlasting nature of your relationship.

Half eternity rings are set with stones only halfway around the band, making them less expensive, more easily resized, and available for immediate purchase in a fine jewelry store.

Eternity rings like those found in Carl Blackburn’s upcoming Roman Garden Collection are handcrafted works of art which must be custom ordered and sized perfectly to the finger of a woman.

However, many eternity rings, depending on the design, can be sized by a skilled jeweler up or down more than one size. Some anniversary eternity rings these days also have a small “sizing bar” about 5mm long which can be utilized to size the ring up and down more than one size easily.

However, as a general rule of thumb, it is best to either choose an eternity ring that fits just right out of the showcase, or have it custom ordered to fit your finger, even though there are many exceptions to this rule.

Anniversary Rings for Men

Modern couples are not only disregarding the old anniversary gift rules; they also are letting go of the notion that anniversary rings are only for women. Today’s women regularly give their spouses anniversary rings to commemorate their marriage and reaffirm the commitment.

Similar considerations apply when choosing a ring for your husband. The style should match the wedding band if the anniversary ring is going to be worn alongside, and gemstones should compliment.


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