» Identifying Fake Carl Blackburn Jewelry

Identifying Fake Carl Blackburn Jewelry

Fake Carl Blackburn JewelryAs an internationally recognized fine jewelry designer, whose designs have appeared in industry magazines around the world, Carl Blackburn occasionally must deal with foreign manufacturers who produce fake “Carl Blackburn” jewelry to sell on the global jewelry market through wholesalers and directly online to the public.

It’s important that retailers and consumers are aware of these fake Carl Blackburn pieces that are circulating on the market. Fortunately for everyone, it is easy to identify a fake item of Carl Blackburn jewelry versus an authentic Carl Blackburn ring, pendant, or earrings.

The quickest way to discern whether an item of Carl Blackburn jewelry is genuine or fake is to look for the authentic CB crown logo, which is internationally trademarked. If you look at the underside of the heart link eternity ring above, you will see that the hallmark begins with a simple “CB” letter logo. This immediately identifies the item as a fake.

Genuine Carl Blackburn Jewelry

CB Logo TrademarkAll genuine Carl Blackburn fine jewelry shows a logo where the letters CB are offset and inside a crown, as seen in the image of the pendant on the left. A secondary way to identify authentic Carl Blackburn jewelry is to look at the styling.

Note the hand-milgraining that appears on the Carl Blackburn pendant. Meanwhile, the fake eternity ring above lacks any of the milgraining or engraving that characterizes a genuine Carl Blackburn ring.

If you ever come across a wholesaler, jeweler, or website that is attempting to sell fake Carl Blackburn jewelry, you may notify us via our contact page.