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Learn About Wedding Jewelry Trends

Mary of Burgundy famously wore the world’s first known diamond engagement ring in 1477, and it’s been treasured bridal jewelry ever since. But what about the rest of the wedding jewelry, such as the rings exchanged at the altar and the gems worn with the dress? Wedding bands, bridal jewelry and wedding party gifts also have a storied
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How to Choose an Anniversary Ring

The above photo showcases diamond rings from Cal Balckburn’s past collections of diamond anniversary rings and wedding rings. Your wedding day is already years behind you, and you want to commemorate your anniversary with something special. Since almost all marriages start with an engagement ring and a wedding ring, it’s natural that many couples choose
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A Brief History of Renaissance Architecture

Introduction to Renaissance Architecture As a former student of the prestigious Accademia Italiana and a long time admirer of the Renaissance masters, Carl Blackburn has maintained an abiding interest in all Renaissance art forms. It is a passion which informs and drives his work as a classically inspired designer of fine jewelry heirlooms. In this
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Learn All About Eternity Rings

Introduction to Eternity Rings Contemporary eternity rings are a traditional gift from husband to wife, usually given on the occasion of a significant anniversary or after the birth of a child. Like all relationship rings, eternity rings have no beginning and no end, the endless loop symbolizing timeless love and devotion. Eternity rings are stone
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A History of The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is a long-honored symbol of everlasting love, and today they are exchanged in nearly all weddings around the world. Wedding rings have changed dramatically throughout the ages, but the eternal timelessness of the simple band continues to inspire romantics everywhere. The First Wedding Bands The first examples of wedding rings were worn
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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

The above engagement rings are from Carl Blackburn’s previous engagement ring collections. To order a custom-made engagement ring from Carl Blackburn in San Diego or nationwide, please contact us today for a free consultation. How to Choose an Engagement Ring She’ll Treasure Forever Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task, and many times,
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Jewelry Making in the Renaissance

Carl Blackburn has a deep and abiding respect for the history of fine jewelry making, as is evident in the Old World craftsmanship uses in creating all of his custom engagement rings. While the art of fine jewelry making was refined dramatically in the 19th & 20th centuries, those advancements owe a great debt to
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A Brief History of Renaissance Art

Background & Introduction Carl Blackburn holds a deep appreciation for the Renaissance masters, and, as a fine jewelry designer, is inspired by their fine attention to detail and sublimation of the beautiful. Blackburn studied Product Design at the prestigious Accademia Italiana Art Academy, based in Florence, Italy–which further intensified his interest in the Renaissance period,
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